Recent pulications

Year 2014

Sandberg J., Marus, M., Hoogendoorn, P. (2014). The added value of a gaming context and intelligent adaptation for a mobile learning application for vocabulary learning. Computers & Education 76, 119-130.

Teitsma, M., Sandberg, J., Schreiber, G., Wielinga, B., & van Hage, W. R. (2014) Engineering ontologies for question answering. Applied Ontology.

Year 2012

Sandberg, J., Wielinga, B., Christoph, L. 2012. The role of prescriptive models in learning. Computers & Education. 59, 339-354.

Veenhof, G., Sandberg, J. & Maris, M.2012  ZooQuest: a mobile game-based learning application for fifth graders. In proceedings of Intelligent Tutoring Systems conference, 687-688.

van ‘t Woud, H., Sandberg, J., & Wielinga, B. 2012. Cerberus: The Mars Crowdsourcing Experiment. Communicating Astronomy to the Public Journal, 12, 28-34.

Year 2011

Sandberg, J., Maris, M., & de Geus, K. 2011. Mobile English Learning: an evidence-based study with fifth graders Computers & Education, 57(1), 1334-1347.

Sandberg, J. & Maris, M. 2011. Mobile learning research: caught between two paradigms.IADIS Conference Monbile Learning.

van ‘t Woud, H., Sandberg, J. & Wielinga, B. 2011. The Mars crowdsourcing experiment. In Proceedings of the 16th Internatioal CGAMES conference, July, 2011, Louisville, USA.

Teitsma, M., Sandberg, J., Maris, M. & Wielinga, B. 2011. Using an ontology to automatically generate questions for the determination of situations., In Proceedings of the Dexa conference, September, 2011, Toulouse, France.

Teitsma, M., Sandberg, J., Maris. M., & Wielinga, B. 2011. Automatic question generation to determine roles during a crisis. In Proceedings of SOTICS, October, 2011, Barcelona, Spain.

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