Bachelor Information Studies

Since June 2012 I am director of the bachelor of Information Studies (Informatiekunde). My first year was an exciting one – we were up for accreditation. The team and i worked hard on our evaluation report and had many discussions on the current and future direction of our programme. The programme has three main pillars: technology, business and human factors. But of course, academic skills feature heavily in the programme too. A special focus is the development of modelling and design skills, ranging from designing a mobile application to modelling a prospective organisational information and knowledge infrastructure. Besides the discussion on content of the programme we took major steps to implement new ways of quality assurance. The Exam Committee’s role is strengthened as guardian of the quality of assessments and thesis projects. After a positive accreditation review, my second year in charge aimed at consolidation and enrichment of different programme aspects. New didactic insights on “active learning” have been experimented with, such as “pair programming”, the reversed classroom which asks students to prepare for class by watching video lectures where class time is spent on interactive assignments. All staff  involved in the programme participated in the so-called BKO (Basic Quaification Education) training and worked on improving their assessment skills by working with assessment schedules based on learning objectives and measurable criteria.

We expect around 85 students to start with the programme in September and we hope to be able to provide them with a balanced and intellectually stimulating programme that allows them to become all-round Information Specialists who are both technically equipped as well as inquisitive and aware of human and societal needs.

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